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Wood Rot In Southern California ~ Repair or Replace Immediately

Wood Rot In Southern California ~ Repair or Replace Immediately

Wood Rot / Dry Rot Defined

Wood rot, also known as dry rot, can be devastating to a structure, and the damp Southern California coastal regions are especially affected.

According to Merriam-Webster dry rot is a decay of seasoned timber caused by fungi that consume the cellulose of wood leaving a soft skeleton, which is readily reduced to powder.

Identifying Wood Rot

Identifying wood rot: The wood will begin to discolor, typically darker, and it will appear to have cracks that have a square or rectangular shape with red dust on the perimeter, and it will have a musty, moldy smell. Sometimes it will have a white cotton-ball type fuzz appearance, and in high humidity conditions there will often be a visible orange color to the affected area. Painted wood surfaces can hide dry rot, so close examination to find spots that are sunken in or shriveled is important. Use a small sharp object like a small screw or ice pick to pierce the wood to locate areas that are softer than normal.

Repairing Wood Rot

Repairing wood rot: Untreated dry rot can lead to termite infestations, so it is important to get the affected area repaired. The repair process can be as minimal as sanding and application of an epoxy type wood hardener or it can require complete replacement of the wood. It is critical to repair or replace every remnant of dry or you risk having the repair effort voided, as the remaining fungi will quickly spread.

Protect Your Investment

Utilizing a local, licensed contractor to identify and resolve any wood rot damage is the best way to protect your investment.

The professional team at Black Diamond Services General Contractors (BDS) has many years of experience in the successful treatment of wood rot.

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