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What is the role of a Licensed General Contractor?

Whether a construction project is a remodel, addition, or a development project, it will have many facets. With a variety of moving parts such as ordering materials, scheduling skilled workers and engaging with sub contractors, BDS general contractors manages all of that activity. Often, hiring a general contractor to handle your project can save you money in the long run.

Here is a short list of what a professional Licensed General Contractor does for you:

Negotiating the Contract: Utilize their experience and contacts to negotiate quality materials, manpower and subcontractors, and reasonable delivery and completion deadlines.

Compliance with Laws, Ordinances, & Codes: Obtain the correct permits and ensure the various rules and regulations are being followed. Request the required inspections are ordered and completed at each required milestone, which is critical to the successful completed sign off of the project.

Overseeing Schedule & Budget: A Licensed General Contractor has project management expertise that includes scheduling and budget management.

Black Diamond Services General Contractors coordinate:

  • Manpower

  • Sub-Contractors

  • Materials

  • Permits

  • Inspections

We specialize in:

Construction Management

General Construction

General Maintenance Services for HOA clients

Hospitality Renovations

Tenant Improvements

Black Diamond Service Contractors, Inc.(BDS) is a California Corporation based in San Diego, CA. and offices serving Coachella Valley. BDS is a General Engineering and Building Contractor licensed by the State of California (Lic. No. 603873).



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